Computed Tomography

We have the leading CT tomograph TOSHIBA AQUILION 160 sections, the main features of which are the huge reduction of the radiation dose (up to 83%) that the examinee receives, while improving the image quality.

The exceptional capabilities of the system become particularly evident:

  • in specialized, low-dose radiation, pediatric protocols.
  • in axial coronary angiography (non-invasive diagnostic method of coronary artery evaluation).
  • in axial angiographs throughout the body
  • on axial colonography (virtual colonoscopy).

The existing equipment fully covers all the applications of the computed tomography with high quality examinations:

computed tomography in all anatomical areas of the body (brain, visceral skull, cervix, upper and lower abdomen, spine, upper and lower limbs)   

axial angiographies of the whole body (brain, cervix, thoracic and abdominal aorta, pelvis and peripheral vessels) 

CT coronary angiography

It is considered useful in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, when the clinical symptoms and clinical tests are unclear, as well as in the follow-up of patients with previous angioplasty and stent placement or previous coronary artery bypass surgery. It can also be used for the early diagnosis of coronary heart disease in patients with predisposing factors

Axial colonography

is considered useful in cases where the classic colonoscopy has not been completed or in people who need to undergo a colonoscopy and can not or do not want to have a colonoscopy

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